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Eagle Community Credit Union


Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

Meeting at 5:00pm

A.  Call to Order


B.  Agenda/Minutes
     1.  Changes/Additions to the Agenda
     2.  Approve Minutes of  06-09-22 Meeting


C.  New Business
     1.  Schedule Next Meeting – Wednesday, December 7th or Thursday, December 8th

     2.  NCUA Final Report

          NCUA Finding Report and Responses

          MH Loan Underwriting Guideline

     3.  IA Staff Level



D.  Old Business

     1. Overnight Security Inspection



E.  External Audits


F.  Recurring Updates

         1.  Audit Follow-up Log
         2.  2022 Audit Schedule
         3.  HonorLine


G. Adjournment

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